Publication Policy

The publication policy of KQuotes is as follow:

Kquotes is the only online platform that encourages people – from the whole world- to get their quotes ,sayings and traditional proverbs listed on its website.

If you have been writing quotations or sayings and intending to make them famous, this is the great opportunity for you to get your quotes listed at this website. Not only this, we can also create a separate category for your favorite author if the content is provided by the user.

Special Quotes

Kquotes, will never take responsibility of third party content – provided by users – either for publication purpose or undefined purpose.

The user who submits his quotes to publish on this website grants us full rights of the content. Kquotes will also have right to put watermark on users content apart from mentioning its social media links , promotional links, and official logo. Kquotes will never change authors name at any cost. The name of authors will remain intact.

Publication on kquotes

Prior to publishing your material on this platform, please go through our publication policy.

For publishing your material, hit contact us.

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